Our Fee Structure

Establishment Fee:

When we set up your account there is a $55.00 establishment fee.

Account Fees:

As long as you are up-to-date with your account and have not missed any repayments we do not charge account fees and we don’t charge any of the following fees.

  • NO Yearly Fees$0
  • NO Monthly Account Fees$0
  • NO Early Settlement Fees$0
  • NO Miss Payment Penalty Fees$0

If you default (miss your re-payments) you will incur the default fees listed below.

Default Fees:

In the event of a default in your re payments and while the default continues, you may pay the default fees below.

Overdue/reminder Letters $15

Personal Property Security Reg. $25

Arrangement/Schedule Change $15

Repossession notices $35

Duplicate Contract requests $15

Credit Control Field Visit $125

Dishonours payment  $2.50ea

Amendment/change of Product $35

Trace Fee $55

Enforcement expenses – payable on demand.  These expenses are costs we incur in enforcing a contract, or a security after a default including repair costs, legal costs, but not limited to costs we incur with our solicitor or lawyer, all costs associated with a debt recovery agency, letters, storage costs, expenses incurred in preserving and maintaining property such as by paying insurance, rates and taxes for the property.

Cancellation Fees – All account cancellations that occur after 10 days of the contract date will incur a cancellation fee of $95.00 and all other business costs we incur, including commissions buy4less Ltd has paid for the introduction of your business, all costs associated with ordering, holding and reselling products including depreciation (if any).  


Product Delivery: delivery charges vary depending on the product and carrier, buy4less uses NZ Post and national reputable couriers to deliver its products, these charges will be notified to you and charged to your account on the delivery date. please allow upto 14 days for delivery.Delivery for VIPs is free.

Buy4less VIP membership is non-transferable, if you cancel your membership before you have fully paid your subscription you may have to repay (or could be charged for) any benefit you have received from the scheme. Buy4less VIP membership and its benefits are available for as long as you remain a customer. Membership repayments that you have already paid are non-refundable. 



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